Welding and Sheet Metal Section

10,500 square feet workshop contains sufficient tools and equipments and working space to do various types of jobs according to customer requirement. About 30 skilled and semi-skilled workers are engaged to perform the jobs maintaining required quality under close supervision of expert foreman and group in-charge. All imported tools and machineries are used to have quality jobs.
MIG Welding Shearing machine Sliding gate
List of Machine, Manpower and Product Range :
Strength Machine/Equipment Qty. Products & Services
Skilled Workers: 20 Sheet shearing machine up to 6 mm, 10 feet 2

•  Hollow metal Doors, Windows, Grills, and Louvers fixed & operable.

Semi Skilled Workers: 10 Sheet bending machine, 10 feet 2

•  Special Sound and fire proof doors.

Foreman – 1
Group-in-charge - 1

Mechanical press 2

•  Various Industrial Fabrications

Sufficient drills, hand grinder, hand/power saw,
and hand tools
Arc Welding machine 20

•  Steel furniture

MIG Welding machine 8

•  Machine frames/Hoppers/ Body Part Fabrication & welding

TIG Welding machine 2

•  Any Stainless Steel Fabrications and Welding

  Gas welding set 4

•  Fabrication of screw conveyer.

  Circular saw 4

•  Fabrication of different types of truss, office or workshop partitions.

  Universal shearing machine 1

•  Pharmaceutical/Dairy by Stainless steel.

  Die and punch set 200 •  Special powder coating facility.
  Jigs and fixtures 50 •  Any other products as per customer's demand.
  Trailer, trolley, manual fork lift 10  
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