Background of Mawts

After setting up all the machinery and equipment as well as preparing the training syllabus, the training program started in 1976 on FARM MACHINERY and MACHINIST trades with only 30 trainees. Besides this main training program short term courses for operating and servicing of diesel engines were conducted. To provide employable skill to the trainees in the different trades, a well equipped production unit has been set up to introduce on-the-job training. The secondary objective of the production unit is to generate income.The surplus from modular activity was earmarked to support the training activities of MAWTS. The production unit is strictly a commercial operation. No outside financial support is extended towards this activity. The management of MAWTS is presently exploring different possibilities to find a more stable financial position for the training activities and in the long run to establish a self-sustainable operation. The financial support necessary for the training has already been shifted from external sources to local sources.
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