Production and Services

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Fiberglass section

8,500sft. Fiberglass section is capable to produce wide range of products as per customers’ requirement. Imported materials are used to maintain product quality best possible

Assembly section

5,000 sft. floor area is allocated for this section for assembling of the semi-finished products. Skilled workers are engaged to assemble all products with semi-skilled workers under supervision of section in-charges. All semi-finished parts are deposited to the store from all other sections; assembly section takes those components and assembles them to make finished products ready for delivery.

Powder Painting Section

3,000 sft. floor area is allocated for this section This is the special powder painting process to have high finished surface with paint glossy, matt or texture. Before painting, surface treatment process is available to have a proper treated surface for high quality painting. Besides that stove enamel and spray painting process is also available.
Powder coating Painted items in the furnace
Strength Machine/Equipment Qty. Products & Services
Skilled Worker - 2 Surface treatment chemical tanks 7 Painting of chair and table frame, panel box, bed or any other wide range of products.
Semi Skilled Worker: 5 Powder painting booth 1
  Baking oven 1
  Enamel painting booth 1

Quality Control

The quality control department is always alert to maintain the specified quality of raw materials, semi-finished and the finished products. Quality starts from the purchasing of raw materials from the market and continues throughout the whole process of production. All required tools, equipments and instruments are available in the store to maintain the required quality of the products.

Electro Galvanizing

800 sft. room for electro-galvanizing of various products like nuts, bolts, shafts, washers, chains or any ferrous metal body where electro-galvanizing is required.
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