Engine Reconditioning Section

800 sft. Room area, it is a full-fledged engine re-building section with machinery for machining and reconditioning of any type of engine.
Crankshaft grinder Vertical Boring M/C Die punch machine
Strength Machine/Equipment Qty. Products & Services
Skilled Worker: 2 Crankshaft grinding machine 1 • Grinding of crankshaft of any size with high accuracy.
Semi Skilled Worker: 3 Cylinder boring machine 1 • Cylinder boring of any size, any length with specified accuracy.
  Cylinder honing machine 1 • Honing of cylinders of any size.
  Line boring machine 1 • Grinding of flywheel, pressure plate, cylinder head and block surface.
  Diesel pump testing machine 1 • Boring of engine block main bearing house in line.
  Surface grinding machine 1 • Engine valve grinding, valve seat making and head reconditioning.
  Cylindrical Grinding machine 1 • Reconditioning of engine of any type.
  Valve re-facing machine 1  
  Sufficient tools and equipments    
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