New Directions of MAWTS

MAWTS has been taking a considerable part in developing skilled human resource in the field of technical education and training since 1976. During the last 32 years MAWTS produced 26,794 technical hands in her long and short courses, most of them are employed with lucrative jobs in the country and abroad.

MAWTS has taken a turn towards a new direction introducing 4 years Diploma-in-Engineering Course with the approval of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). MAWTS is committed to prepare the students with required knowledge and skill so that they may work in the practical field with full satisfaction of the employers. Giving scope to the students for higher studies in related engineering fields from available engineering institutes in Bangladesh has also been foreseen.

A good number of poor students have been admitted in the Diploma-in-Engineering Course from the Partner group of Caritas Bangladesh . Total educational cost of those poor students will be borne by MAWTS as a part of social responsibility.

We approach our friends and well wishers for providing sponsorship to the poor and deserving students who are provided free technical training in 3-year Long Term Mechanical Course (LTMC) and 4-year Diploma in Engineering.
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